Tuna 10.60лв iceberg salad, tuna, corn, cherry tomatoes, milky dressing 400 gr. allergens – 4, 7

Caesar salad

Caesar salad 11.50лв iceberg salad, Caesar dressing, chicken fillets, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, croutons 400 gr. allergens – 1, 7, 8

Greek salad

Greek salad 9.60лв tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, fresh peppers, onions, white cheese, olive, basil and olive oil 500 g allergens – 7

Sun City

Sun City 11.60лв cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, tiro salad, yoghurt salad, roasted peppers, onions, olive 650 g allergens – 7

Tiro salad

Tiro salad 6.90лв white cheese, strained yoghurt, chilli peppers, garlic 280 g allergens – 7

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